How it works

The most common way VoIP works is that the end user establishes hi speed broadband connection, a router and a VoIP gateway. Instead of a standard telephone line, the router sends the telephone calls over an Internet connection.

Using our services are easy:

The following are different ways to use our services on Android, iPhone,iPad,softphone, etc.

Android setup

You can use our Christ Telecom App on Android by simply searching for Christ Telecom or ChristTel on PlayStore, download our app and follow the instalation instructions

For others:

1) Signup for an acount and activate it by clicking the activation link sent after signing up.
2) Set up your mobile phone or softphone (computer), following the very simple steps below.
3) Logon to our website (with your email and password) and buy your credit
4) Check rates and enter the number you want to call in the international format e.g 0044123456789 for UK and place you call.

iPhone setup

One off - Softphone setup

Please download Microsip or any other free softphone and follow similar setting as here to download MicroSip.

Crediting your voip account

Crediting you account is simple.For Android simply follow the shopping card icon on our Christ Telecom app.For the the others simply log into your account and choose the amount you wish to buy and follow the instructions.See Example below:

Please note that your payment is managed by

For bigger amounts please contact us under our contact page.

Voip Devices/Phone setup

You can also use our service with Voip devices:

ChristTel Logo

ChristTel Logo